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Conclusion of WebMoney electronic funds to Visa and Mastercard

With the growing number of users of the webmoney electronic payment system, the number of methods for depositing, withdrawing and exchanging such funds is growing. Such methods should be reliable, simple and took place automatically.

One of the reliable and proven ways to conclude webmoney is the withdrawal of money to a Visa / Mastercard. WebMoney can be withdrawn at any time of the day and in the country of residence. Another advantage is that there is no need to register a Visa / Mastercard in the system, which will allow you to effectively use the time. One drawback, nevertheless, is that usually the money will be credited to your account after 1-6 banking days (each bank has different terms of crediting and withdrawal limits). Withdrawing electronic money WebMoney is possible without checking the authenticity of user data (verification). For verification, you can contact the support service.
Before replenishing webmoney, we strongly recommend clarifying the following information with the bank:

the possibility of replenishing your card with funds from another bank.

Does the bank accept a payment made as a refund?
As you already guessed, since a withdrawal is possible, it is also possible to replenish webmoney through Visa / Mastercard.
Replenish and withdraw funds in this order:

Fill out the exchange form

Pay the bill issued to your WMID (must be paid within 24 hours).

Expect the receipt of money for the details specified by you.
It should be noted that funds can only be withdrawn if you have a WebMoney certificate not lower than formal, and the passport data is checked by a certification center. If you have an initial certificate and higher, you do not need to download copies of passport data. You must be registered in the WebMoney system for at least 7 days. Also, the WebMoney Transfer rule must be observed, funds can be withdrawn only to the account or card belonging to the owner of the wm-wallet. The name of the account / card holder must match those indicated in the certificate.
The WmChange24 service was registered with WebMoney Transfer exchange office in 2007. All exchange operations with WebMoney are carried out in accordance with applicable law. Even to replenish webmoney through privat24, there are all the appropriate design. Particular attention is paid to ensuring the confidentiality of operations by our customers. Using the services of WmChange24 service, be sure of the safety of operations.

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